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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homemade Bath Finger-paints!

Necessity is the MOTHER of invention!

I have no doubt why the word "Mother" is used in this proverb.  Mothers can invent whatever they want if they need it!  That is exactly what I did tonight.
My invention!
The boys got an adorable bath set for Christmas.  It had sponges, water musical toys, crayons and finger-paints.  The boys loved the finger-paints and used it up in a matter of days.  Well, this Momma was not going to spend the money on more bath finger-paint.  It was WAY too expensive.  Plus, the geniuses who made the finger-paints put soap in it that burns kids' eyes.  I know this from experience as the cheer delight changed quickly to "I have soap it my eyes, it BURNS!"

I was on a mission.  I looked up homemade bath finger-paints but all the recipes used dish-washing soap.  Am I the only one with kids who whine about soap in their eyes?  That is when I came up with my own recipe.  I think my boys were just a wee bit excited about the prospect of more bath paints.

Homemade Bath Finger-Paint

Here is what you need:
  • Tear-free Baby Wash & Shampoo (buy the cheap stuff)
  • Cornstarch
  • Spoons and/or spatula
  • Small funnel
  • Containers (I used the same ones that my originals came in)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Smaller bowls for mixing in color
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Food Coloring (I did not like the Walmart brand, I still have it all over my hands)
In mixing bowl, combine 1/3 cup baby wash and 1 tablespoon cornstarch.  Mix well.  Add more cornstarch if you prefer a thicker consistency.
My boys helping me make their paints!
Your mixture will be white.
Separate portions of the mixture into smaller containers.  Add food coloring to each small bowl until you reach your desired color.
The purple needs to be darker!
I used a funnel to put the paints into each container.  Then I got impatient (big surprise) and just used the spoon or spatula to pour it in.
Here are my finished bath paints.  The kids loved them and don't worry it didn't stain their bodies or the bathtub!  Let your kids paint away and then with a little spray of water, it is gone!
Make some for your kids tonight!  They will think you are amazing!  Don't worry, I already think you are!  This would also be an awesome birthday gift!

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  1. that looks awesome! My daughter loves bath paints and I've been dreading the day they ran out. Thanks for linking up on We Did it Wednesday so I could see!

  2. I was going to say, "What a great gift!" You beat me to it. We will definitely be making this wonderful paint. Thank you for sharing your creation.

  3. This is a great recipe,i would tray with extract for collors,extract of banana for yellow,cherry for red,mint for green,plum for blue.Do you have that in your country.We have it here and by the color,you'll get a great smell!

  4. This was featured today over at Today's Top 20! Hooray!


  5. Thanks for sharing this, my boys are so scared of the bath I'll try anything to make it more appealing!

  6. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up!

  7. This was a great idea! My son doesn't like to shower or take a bath, but this may help a bit!
    To have FUN at the same time they're getting clean!


  8. Oh what a great idea, thank you for sharing!!! I wonder though does it stain white tiles?

  9. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

    Pretty Pink Cherub-it shouldn't stain. It didn't do it to mine or the kids bodies. I would just rinse off the tiles after bath time!

    Huana- Where are you from? I've never heard of some of those extracts. They sound wonderful though!

    I hope this makes for many fun bath times!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Those bath paints are crazy expensive and don't last long at all!

  11. I think that proverb is "Necessity is the mother of invention." Maybe that makes more sense anyway. :-)

    My grandchildren would love this.

  12. Thanks GranMarty! I knew something did seem right! I guess I shouldn't write these at midnight! Thanks again!

  13. Love these!!! Although my kiddos scream about anything being in their eyes at bathtime.. drama queens!!

  14. Thank you for posting this! my kids love the bath paints as well but I am on cheap chick! This will make us all happy!

  15. This is just awesome. Although my 3 y.o. grandson already spends so much time in the bath, this might make it a day-long activity!

    Would love for you to stop by this weekend and share it on Passion for Paint!

  16. found you via fireflies and jellybeans...I am so excited I will be trying for our bath tonight:)

  17. Thank you sweetie!!! I will give this a try and pray...lol!!! My daughter loves to use paints!!We just remodeled our bath and dingy me used all white!!! ;O)

  18. Awesome-ness! I have two little ones that would just love this. I'd love for you to come link up at Fun For Kids Friday. http://smilemonsters.blogspot.com/2011/01/fun-for-kids-friday.html

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  19. Found your great post via the Fun for Kids Friday Blog Hop. I love this idea I am definitely making these!

  20. OOH! Fun! I think I will make some! Thank you for sharing your "recipe"!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  21. This is SUCH a fun idea for kiddos! I need to see if I have all the ingredients to whip up a batch!

  22. What a great idea! I bought those once and that was it. Now I can make them for my kids.

    I would love it if you would come and link up to Fantastic Friday.


  23. Wow fab idea thanks very much for sharing you blog is great. I am over at www.scratchycatcrafter.blogspot.com if you want to come and check out some of my projects x x

  24. Oh, I'm going to make this for my nephew's birthday this month. What a great idea- thank you!


  25. Fun! Will give this a try this upcoming week.


  26. I don't have any kids yet, but I will be making these for myself! Soo fun!

  27. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. I would love it if you wanted to do this as a guest post on my blog. So great - your boys looked so excited! I am bookmarking your recipe. :)

  28. What a fantastic idea! LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  29. Great idea! I don't have little ones yet but thanks for sharing, I'll keep this on hand for future use!

  30. I am with you the store bought stuff is way too expensive! My kiddos are going to love this! Come link up to my Sew Crafty party & giveaway!


  31. What a great idea, I love it! My daughter will get a kick out this!
    Visiting from I <3 naptime.

  32. How about using koolaid to color it..it wouldnt make such a mess and would add a cool scent to them.....Love the idea though my daughter got some of these for christmas I might have to do this to refill hers

  33. I love this! would you mind if I posted a link to this on my blog?
    I will plan on it unless I hear from you. what a terrific idea!
    your new follower,

  34. I really love this! My boys are going to really enjoy them. It is the perfect craft for us to do on their day off tomorrow!


  35. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing, I'm featuring this on my Tuesday Treats post! Stop by and grab a button-


  36. What an amazing idea! This will certainly make every bath time a breeze.

  37. awesome idea. I had those same paints and used up in a couple days. My son was just asking for them yesterday.

  38. How fun! I never knew these existed, these are so cool. I featured you today on my favorite things :)


  39. So cool!! I am adding it to my super mom file.
    Thank you

  40. I just featured you as one of my super moms of the week. Grab a button. Thank you again for a great idea

  41. Okay, my kids love this! Thanks for linking up to Fantastic Friday! Cannot wait to see what you have for this week!

  42. Thanks for the body paint recipe. A perfect project for the next time my grandson comes over.

  43. Where did you buy the bottles with the colored lids? I cant wait to make this for Ellie!
    ( wonder if adding a scent would negate the tear free aspect? )

  44. Thanks for all the great comments! I hope everyone is enjoying the bath paint.

    A. J.-the bottles were from the set I bought for their Christmas present.

  45. Wow! Such a great idea. I will have to make some for my little boy! Thanks!

  46. Awesome recipe. My daughter and I had a lot of fun with this (http://parenthood.phibian.com/?ID=512). I would like to try natural colours but I am worried about possible staining so I'll have to think more about that!

  47. Love it! Thank you for sharing!


  48. I love this idea and so would my 2 year old. I am going to try it!

  49. Thanks for the recipe! My daughter received the same bath set and we just ran out of paints. I just finished making a new set and they turned out great!

  50. Thank you! I just made the paints last night and we will test them out today. Last week we did shaving cream paints. Art is fun.

    Thanks again!!

  51. Thank you so much for this! The store bought stuff makes my son break out in a rash.

    1. I'm glad you like it. It really isn't much work at all and the kids love it! ~Jill

    2. I will try this at church camp with a slip and slide and see how the kids like it. Great idea!

    3. Oh I bet the kids at church camp will love it! Let me know what they think! ~Jill

  52. I never used the baby wash we were given as gifts because we liked Aveeno better. So I have 3 huge containers of J&J under my sink that I couldn't return anywhere. I am going to make a bunch of these this week! Thanks for the great idea!

  53. I was looking ALL over the internet and this is by far the best!! Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL idea- Christmas present here we come! :)

  54. I used kool-aid. It stained a bit and defintitely made it non-tear free. But we both smelled great! Thanks so much for the idea!


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