Need to Avoid Some Layout Mistakes in The Kitchen

avoid some layout mistakes

avoid some layout mistakes

As we know, the kitchen is a very important place for the family. The location and the function of the kitchen are the keys to evaluating the success of the design. Therefore, many families want to decorate many necessary things in this kitchen. They want to create a comfortable space for all of the members when enjoying the meal this place. They are willing to invest the convenient furniture as well as the utensils in the kitchen. In fact, many people do not know that they have some mistakes to decorate their kitchen in the right way. And now, I will discuss some layout mistakes need to avoid in the kitchen. I think this topic is very useful information to know. Additionally, this knowledge will be very necessary for those who prepare to build a new house. They will need the information to decorate the kitchen properly. Please refer to some basic things below.

Some Layout Mistakes in The Kitchen

You want to have a clean and safe kitchen. You also want to decorate many utensils in this place. Your kitchen is enough large. However, you need to avoid some layout mistakes which I will mention some typical layout mistakes. I think you should know this information.

1. Creating The Resistance of The Triangle Area In The Kitchen

Do you know the triangle area in the kitchen? You can understand that the sink, and stove and the fridge are considered the triangle area in the kitchen. If you do note this you may create the unnecessary resistance in your kitchen. Normally, we will move a lot in this space. Thus, it is very necessary to arrange them in the right way. Here are some tips to remember when you make the triangle area in the kitchen such as:

  • Surely, the sink should install near the plumbing. This convenience will help you wash anything quickly. In the case, the sink and the plumbing are not designed like this. You should repair them as soon as possible;
  • Depending on your kitchen area, you will have the large kitchen or small kitchen. But it is better to design this place at least 10 feet. Also, it does not need to have too large kitchen. There are two things to explain for this:
  • With too small kitchen, it means it is less 10 feet. Your kitchen becomes stuffy and cramped.
  • With the too large kitchen, it means it is more than 25 feet. You will take a lot of time to prepare the food during cooking.

2. Wasting The Space for Storage

Having some cabinets

There are many things which they are stored in the kitchen. By this thinking, many people want to have the plenty of the cabinets. Sometimes, the cabinets are not necessary. And they require the space in the kitchen. It is better to have the cabinets which they can store and take some things easily. In the case, your kitchen is small. You can install some long shelves. They are on the top and the backs of the kitchen. They are the cabinets.

3. Have No The Good Lighting in The Kitchen

Most of the people often pay attention the living room. They can invest the expensive lights, furniture, and other decorations. They also note to design the window where it is always to welcome the sunlight. How about the kitchen? Normally, it is a poor lighting. This is a big mistake. Actually, all activities for cooking will need the light too much. The good lighting can ensure the safety when cutting the foods and handle the kitchen utensils. So, the lighting matter should be mention in the kitchen.

To help you have more ideas the lighting in this room, I will give some suggestions as follows:

the lighting in the kitchenFirstly, any room will need to have three types of the lighting. They include the general lighting, the concentrated lighting, and the accent lighting. In the kitchen, you will consider the position to add the light.

  • Moreover, you also can provide more light in the area which you must work a lot in the kitchen. You will feel more safety during working;
  • Beyond that, you can install the lighting for the under cabinet. This will ensure that your kitchen is enough lighting.

4. Have The Poor Ventilation

For a long time, your kitchen will have the unpleasant smell. They can be the noxious odors. At that time, you should think about the ventilation in the kitchen. With the good ventilation, it will help improve the indoor air effectively. From there, your kitchen becomes cleaner. In addition, all appliances will have the life better.

Many people understand the importance of the ventilation system in the house. They want to choose the cheap ventilation. So, it is too poor to improve the air in the inside. It is a good idea to have a good ventilation system. Your life will get better with the pleasant smell from your kitchen.

5. Do Not Pay Attention to The Aesthetic Elements

In my opinion, the aesthetic elements are not the serious mistakes in the kitchen. But, the good kitchen needs to have this factor. Some things relate to the aesthetic elements. They are the color, the design, the decoration, and high equipment. Depending on your ideas, you can design a kitchen as you like. Or you can refer to the beautiful kitchen on the internet. They are so many.

pay attention to the aesthetic elements

In conclusion, we cook the foods for the family every day. Of course, this will happen in the kitchen. You should have a comfortable space when staying here. You try to design the good kitchen. Thus, you should look at 5 layout mistakes which I just share in this article. I think that these are the important things to avoid. I hope you have a nice kitchen.



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