6 Popular Mistakes to Use The Cutting Board in The Kitchen

pay attention to the smooth surface

some mistakes in the kitchen

You are a housewife. You just stay at home and cook the meal for the family. I think it is not simple work. It is very difficult to change the different foods for every day. You need the skill for cooking. Moreover, the foods must be enough nutrition to ensure the health for everyone. You cook well. You will know the importance of all utensils in the kitchen. Any mistake can affect the health and the quality of the foods. Do you have any mistakes? Perhaps, you think you are a good housewife. You always believe that you do not have any mistake. With using the cutting board, it may be your mistake. In fact, the cutting board is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen. In this writing, I will introduce six popular mistakes to use the cutting board in the kitchen. I guess that you can get more information to use this equipment in the right way.

Six Popular Mistakes to Use The Cutting Board

There are many mistakes to use the cutting board in the kitchen. You can check again these mistakes to improve. It is a good chance to correct your error. Now, look at six common mistakes to use this kitchen cutting board:

1. Have A Cutting Board for Meats And Vegetables

Many people often do not pay attention to this problem. But using a cutting board for meats and vegetables are really dangerous. This is a big mistake for the quality of your cooking. To avoid the cross infection, it is better to have three cutting boards. You can use the different colors to recognize:

  • The first cutting board is for the raw meat. You will use it to cut the fresh meat for all types of meats and fishes.
  • The second cutting board will use to cut the cooked meat. This will ensure the diet hygienic
  • The remaining one will use for the vegetables and fruits. By this way, you will use the cutting board properly.

2. Use The Wrong Size Cutting Board

use the right size of the cutting board

Surely, you will prepare some foods quickly when you cut some things on the suitable cutting board. So, you should choose the large cutting board. At this time, you will cut the foods easily. Moreover, your foods will not fall out during cutting. Although it has the same area you feel more comfortable with choosing the rectangular cutting board. According to those who having a lot of experience, you should choose the wooden cutting board. This type is difficult to be blunt.

3. Use The Dishwasher to Wash The Cutting Board

In some cases, you place the cutting board in the dishwasher. It is not a good idea. In fact, it can distort and split. Of course, it can damage your cutting board. Instead, you must scrub this kitchen utensil by the water and soap. After processing the fresh meat, you should soak in water and add a little vinegar inside. This will help disinfect effectively.

4. Do Not Add The Oil on The Cutting Board Surface

You must wash the cutting board every day. This will lead to affect the surface of this tool. Even, it will appear the mold. To prevent this, you need to add a layer of the vegetable oil on the surface. This oil layer will help the cutting board be waterproof. Thus, it will not be too dry and crack.

5. Chop The Meat on The Smooth Surface

pay attention to the smooth surface

Safety in the kitchen is an important thing. During cutting and chopping, you need to have the safe cutting board. You should not work anything on the smooth surface of the cutting board. It can make you cut the finger. It means you are injured. To avoid this, you can note some following things when using the cutting board as follows:

  • There is a damp paper under this utensil. It will create more friction to cut;
  • Besides, you make sure that do not have any things with the various sizes under the cutting board. It will limit the slip when you use a strong force.

6. Use The Old Chopping Board

Although you are very satisfied your chopping board you used it for many years ago. Look at it! It has the large cracks on the surface. In addition, the mold also appears. At that time, you need to change a new cutting board. Normally, many bacteria will live in the cracks which you can not clean.

How to Clean The Cutting Board Properly

It is very important to know how to clean the cutting board in the right way. Actually, many people do not care this. It will affect directly to health all members of your family. After you having six common mistakes above, you also need to know using this tool. Cleaning the cutting board is the necessary information for you. I will share some tips below:

  • This is the first tip. You will sprinkle a little salt on the surface of the cutting board. After that, you will use a half of lemon to scrub directly. This will help it become clean and fight the bacteria;
  • On the other hands, you will pour the hot water on the cutting board. Then, you will use a hard cleaning pad. This way can kill the bacteria significantly.
  • Especially, you can use the insect powder and water. You soak the cutting board in it. After 5 to 10 minutes, it will clean the bacteria.

In summary, you can avoid some mistakes in the kitchen. Especially, you use the cutting board. Sometimes, you do not know. But this utensil is very necessary for the kitchen of each family. This article just mentions six mistakes. Additionally, you also know how to clean it properly. I believe that this information is very useful things in our life.



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