The Cooking Mistakes in Our Lives

wash the fruits carefully

mistakes during cooking

Many people think that cooking is an easy work. You can cook better when you have a lot of experience. In the cases, you have no experience. You can refer to the recipe in the cooking book. However, to cook the dishes properly and cook the delicious foods are not simple. All of the chefs and the housewives have some mistakes. Of course, they do not know this. As you know, the mistakes in the cooking are very important. They can affect the safety as well as the quality of the dishes. In this article, I have a brief introduction to share the cooking mistakes in our lives. They are the typical mistakes which you should know as soon as possible. Now, take your time to check the following mistakes in the daily cooking, right!

1. Combining Some Foods Improperly

The nutritious foods are extremely important for the body. They contain a lot of necessary nutrients which our bodies need. However, these nutrients will become very dangerous when combining improperly. In fact, many situations happen. Here are some examples to help you know how to add the nutrients in the right way:

·         Normally, you have some common symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. At that time, your body needs to add iron. It is better to add the iron every day. Some foods contain the iron. They are cereals, whole grains, tofu, leafy vegetables, and dark leaves. But you must know our bodies just absorbs from 15 to 35 percents iron for each day. It is not good to add more and more.

·         Beyond that, we can supplement with some foods which they have the high vitamin C. For examples, some beverages such as orange juice, lemon, tomatoes, and watermelon are the typical fruits. They will increase iron significantly;

·         Especially, to help the body absorb iron easily, you should not drink tea and coffee close to the meal. This will affect the iron absorption in the body. Thus, you should use this drinking water before the meat in the safety period.

2. Do Not Carefully Wash The Fruit Before Peeling

wash the fruits carefully

According to the ideas of many people, they do not often wash some types of the fruits which we can not eat the peel. Most of us think that we can not eat the peel. Do not waste time to wash it. But this is the common mistake in the life. There are a lot of harmful bacteria on the peel. They can cling to our hands when we touch on. Even, these bacteria can penetrate to the insides of the fruits while we are cutting and eating.

It is not difficult to avoid this mistake. You only remember some tips as follows:

  • Firstly, you should make a habit to wash carefully all of the fruits before peeling and eating. You need to wash under the running water to limit the bacteria maximally;
  • After that, you should use the clean towels to clean the fruits. You also can use the kitchen paper for replacing;
  • Moreover, you need to ensure that your hands also wash with soap before you enjoy the fruits. By this way, I believe that you will minimize the penetration of the bacteria.

3. Never Appreciate The Role of Seasoning

The seasoning has an important role in the cooking. It contributes to creating the special taste for the dishes. You can not cook well without the spices. The seasoning will help the dishes become more delicious and more attractive. This idea is correct but it is not enough. The spices also protect you from the risk of the food poisoning. Some spices need to have in your kitchen. They include garlic and cinnamon. They are the seasoning which they can prevent the bacteria and other pathogens in the food effectively. Although you have enough necessary spices you also must ensure the food safety. This is an essential factor to remember in cooking.

contribution of the seasoning

4. Let Vitamins And Minerals to Boiling And Evaporating

The boiling process makes the nutrients and the minerals reducing about 90 percent. Some basic nutrients are potassium, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Therefore, you need to limit this boiling process. To keep these nutrients, you should steam the vegetables with a less water. On the other hands, you can fry or cook the foods in the microwave. That is the tips to keep the valuable nutrients in the vegetables.

5. Store The Food Too Long

Nowadays, both the men and women must work on the outside. They are very busy with their work at their company. Sometimes, they do not have the time to go to the market every day. Most of the families must go to the market for a week. Even, the foods must be stored during one month. This will bring the convenience to have the foods in the fridge. Surely, all of vitamins and minerals in the foods will decrease day by day. With some foods, they can retain the nutritional value within 3 days. They are carrots, legumes, and apples.

Should not store the foods too long

In the case, you can not go to the market regularly. You should choose the frozen vegetables. They limit to contact the oxygen. Therefore, the nutritional components usually keep within one year. But this situation is not the same with some types of the juice, sauce, and frozen syrup. Actually, these products add the calories as sugar, fat, and the high sodium level. They can have the negative effects on the body.

In conclusion, there are many different mistakes in our lives which you do not note. Now you can check again your cooking habit. They are good or bad. If you have the mistake you need to correct immediately. The housewives play an important role to ensure the health in the family. The delicious dishes with enough nutrients will be a great thing. It is better to avoid all mistakes in the cooking. I hope that this writing provides the useful information for your life.



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